"It's hard to beat someone who never quits"

Players interested in committing more time to soccer and playing at a more competitive level, should tryout for a BHSC WYSL team.  Tryouts are not required to play on a BHSC AYSO team.

Registration for the BHSC WYSL 2021-22 season is now OPEN.

Tryout Schedule:








To learn more about the differences between the WYSL and AYSO programs, click here.

Please take a moment to read the full BHSC WYSL FAQs for common questions about tryouts.

  • Tryouts are run 100% by our Professional Coaches

  • Rankings a combination of tryout and past year performance

  • Each player is ranked as a single number

  • Goalies are evaluated independently so that all teams have at least a part-time goalie

  • The final rankings are provided to only the Board President and the Registrar. No other board members see the final rankings.

  • Invitations are sent out until all roster spots are filled

  • Team size varies by age