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Players age 9-19 have the opportunity to play against other clubs through a travel program. BHSC offers two travel programs to meet the needs and skills of all players  - TRAVEL and TRAVEL SELECT.  The TRAVEL program is open to all BHSC players of age and is affiliated with the American Youth Soccer Organization ("AYSO).  TRAVEL SELECT teams are formed through a tryout process and  affiliated with the Westchester Youth Soccer League ("WYSL").


  • Teams are formed by birth year or grade.

  • There is NO tryout process.

  • Travel soccer is a spring and fall program (winter is optional).

  • One practice is held per week and is led by professional trainers, followed by parent-coached Sunday home/away matches.

  • Games are played against other AYSO Area 3T clubs (Teams are listed here AYSO Area 3T webpage).

  • During the spring, AYSO Area 3T offers multiple AYSO tournament options.


Saturday: Hunter & Wampus Fields
9am - U8 Boys – Hunter 
9am - U7/8 Girls – Wampus
10am -U7 Boys - Hunter
11am - U6 Boys – Hunter
11am - U6 Girls - Wampus
12:15pm - U5 Boys – Hunter
12:15pm - U5 Girls - Wampus
1:30 – 4pm. Developmental teams on Wampus or Hunter as scheduled

Spring 2023 Schedule as Follows:

Saturday: Lombardi Fields
9am - U10 Boys

10:15am - U10 Girls
10:15am - U12 Boys and Girls
11:30am - U14s & U19s
1:30 – Goalkeepers


Sunday schedule:
11:30 - U7/8 girls – Wampus
11:30 – U7 boys – Hunter
12:30 – U8 boys - Hunter
U10+ will have games at various times

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